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Want to go on a magic carpet ride? 

Too bad. What do I look like, Aladdin?  😉 

I can’t offer you a magic carpet ride for Christmas, but I can take you on a magical  tour through a Christmas Wonderland like no other!

Come with us as we see the amazing Disney Christmas decorations and Disney Christmas tree decorations scattered throughout the beautiful Disney Deluxe Resorts.   

Disney in December?

We found the first week of  December at Disney an excellent time to visit. The crowds were lower and we were already past Thanksgiving.  

I’m not a fan of pushing the holidays ahead too much, but the first week of December felt perfect for us. There aren’t too many slow times left at Disney, but this week is still the best option if you want to go in DECEMBER to see the Disney Christmas decorations.

However, as you may well know, the closer you get to December 25th, the larger the crowd size  will be.  In fact, Christmas day is probably the most attended day in the parks.  Keep this in mind when making your plans. 

Three Kids on bench at Grand Floridian with Poinsettias behind for Christmas

Disney Christmas Decorations Unmatched!

While Mickey’s Very Merry  Christmas Party* is certainly a popular event during the Disney Christmas season, it is by no means the only event! In fact there are both free and included activities to be enjoyed outside this special hard ticket event.

My absolute favorite activity during the 2016 Disney Christmas season was 100% free! 

The Walt Disney World Resort Christmas Decorations!! 

To see the Magic Kingdom and other park Christmas decorations you need a park ticket,  but anyone can visit the Disney Deluxe resort lobbies for free.  

The highlight our visit during Christmas was touring the Deluxe resort lobbies and seeing all the beautiful decorations.  Be sure to include this in your Disney Christmas planning itinerary.

DVC Rental

Deluxe Resorts Christmas Decoration Tour

I can confidently say visiting Disney during Christmas was everything we dreamed about and more.  Since we had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Floridian, we were able to enjoy the Christmas tree and the Ginger bread house the entire stay.  However, have I mentioned that I have a problem with FOMO when it comes to Disney?  Yep, it’s true!  There was no way I was going to be at Disney and not see all the other Deluxe resorts!  

Insider Tip: I highly encourage you to plan non-park activities for your trip no matter what time of the year. 

There is so much more to Walt Disney World in Florida than just the four theme parks.  The resorts make up a large part of the magical experience.  Even if you are off property, I encourage you to take a night or two to spend resort hopping!  

For our decoration tour, I planned a nice evening meal at my favorite Disney signature restaurant, The Flying Fish! After which, we simply strolled the Boardwalk and explored the sights located at Disney’s Swan & Dolphin and Yacht Club Resorts.

Be sure to read my series on Disney’s Boardwalk area to find out why this is my favorite location on Disney property!

Now, on to the decorations!

Grand Floridian Christmas Decorations

I am not kidding when I say that my fondest memory of the 10 days spent at Walt Disney World during Christmas was the night we went resort hopping to see the Christmas decorations! 

They are simply STUNNING! The Deluxe resorts all have amazing decorations in the lobbies and Christmas trees you won’t believe! 

Because my husband was attending an Optometric continuing education convention, we were fortunate enough to stay at the Grand Floridian for a discounted rate which was nearly 60% off the normal rack rate.  Learn more great tips for saving up to 60% off Disney resort hotels.

Let me tell you, the Grand Floridian lobby at Christmas is one hopping place.  While the park levels were less crowded during most of our visit, the Grand Floridian lobby was always booming!  But, as I mentioned, it’s free to see the decorations and the amazing Ginger Bread House draws quite a crowd as well! 

Grand Floridian Christmas Decorations- Gingerbread House
Disney’s Grand Floridian Christmas Gingerbread House

Disney Christmas Decorations: Boardwalk Resorts

In the Boardwalk area, the Swan & Dolphin,  Disney’s Yacht Club, and Disney’s Beach Club resorts go all out with their decoration.

Swan & Dolphin Hotels

In addition to this amazing tree made entirely of white poinsettias, they have an amazing chocolate display! 

When I say amazing, I mean amazing. It’s ALL CHOCOLATE! 

Santa Clause Display Made Entirely of Chocolate
Swan & Dolphin Disney Christmas Decorations made entirely of chocolate
Calorie Listing for Chocolate Display
Disney Christmas Decorations good enough to eat!

Disney Christmas Decorations: Beach Club & Yacht Club Resorts

The interior of the Beach Club & Yacht Club resorts is connected.  The displays located in their lobbies were equally impressive with the Swan & Dolphin.

In addition to a beautifully decorated Yacht themed tree, there was a model railroad all decked out with Disney theming .

Not to be outdone by the Swan & Dolphin (which is technically not even a Disney property), they had an equally impressive chocolate carousel display.  

Disney Christmas Decorations: Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort has it’s charms no doubt, but for me, I find it to be a bit underwhelming compared to the other resorts.  Of course, the giant train in the sky, aka Monorail, is nifty for sure.  But, I just don’t have as huge a desire to stay here as other resorts.  When it came to the Christmas decor, I had the same response.  Nevertheless, I’ll let you be the judge.

Disney Christmas Decorations: Polynesian Village Resort

I have a confession to make.  I absolutely ADORE the Polynesian Resort!  They had me at Tonga Toast and Dole Whip! 

However, my husband doesn’t have this same love affair so he always opts for the Grand Floridian.  Lucky for me, it’s an easy stroll from the Grand Floridian to the Polynesian and you will often find me hanging out in their lobby eating a Dole Whip while my kids play or watch the movie on the lawn! 

Naturally, this meant I had to get a glimpse of their Christmas tree while we were there.  It did not disappoint! 

Disney Deluxe Resort Christmas Decorations Still To See

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge during our Christmas stay.  But, that is why there is always a Disney bucket list.  There is always next time!  

Until then, I’ll see you on the web! 

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  1. When you need a day to relax away from the parks, visiting the different Christmas decorations seems like it would be great! We have visited the week after Christmas and loved seeing the decorations as well. Thanks for sharing and hosting #MouseFanMondays!

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