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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular hard ticket events. In this post learn what other Disney fans have to say about attending MNSSHP and whether it is worth the extra ticket price.

DisFanChat asks: “Is going to MHP or MNSSHP worth the price of the tickets?”

Respondents said,

“If you are only going to the party, it is def worth it! There are lower crowds, rare characters, candy, villains.”

“I think it should be done at least once. Would do it again on a lower attendance night and/or with military or AP discount.”

“I sooo want to love parties. Been to both MNSSHP and MVMCP several times each. Just too much money for what you get for us.”

Another respondent decided to hit the high seas for Halloween,

“Ack! We are opting to NOT go this year… But only because we will be on the Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas the next day.”

Ticket prices started at $75 for advance purchase in 2018 and $85 at the gate. We expect similar, though likely slightly higher, rates for 2019. Party dates are generally released in the spring each year with the first and lowest priced parties beginning as early as August!  This ticket cost is in addition to the daily ticket price.  We recommend you only purchase party tickets on the day you attend.  The party begins at 7pm, but ticket holders are allowed entry at 4pm giving you extra time to enjoy the parks before the party without the cost of an additional ticket.

For more information get this Party Guide.

Image of Disney Villains
By Leigh Caldwell [CC BY-SA 2.0]

DisFanChat asks, “Halloween seems to be all about the villains. Which is your favorite villain experience?

Respondents answered:

“We met Dr. Facilier one year and last year my daughter had such a great time meeting Cruela De Vil”

“My son loved meeting Jafar!”

“Not necessarily a villain, but love the 7 dwarves meet and greet!”

In case you aren’t aware, the only way to meet all 7 Dwarfs is at either the MNSSHP or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Family dressed as characters from Sword and The Stone pictured with the Seven Dwarfs at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
Moment Mom Family Meets Seven Dwarfs at MNSSHP 2017

DisFanChat asks, “Do you ride the rides during the party or just do the special stuff like parades and characters?”

Respondents said,

“When I went, it was my honeymoon and I was pregnant so I waddled around to every candy stand and character I could find!”

“We try to do a little bit of everything, try not to miss all the party exclusive things! Characters in costumes, yes please!”

“Rides! When else can you walk on space/thunder mountain! It only took 3 candy stops to fill our bag and we fit in parade/fireworks too!”

“A bit of both. First time we did all the special stuff. Next time we concentrated on rides because we hardly get to go to WDW”

DVC Rental

We recommend that families do try to do a little bit of both. After all, you paid extra for the exclusives! Speaking of special and rare characters, have you heard about the secret meet and greet on Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

The opportunity to eat special treats for my food allergic kids makes the snacks especially important.  One respondent in the Twitter party advised that the family eat a good meal before attending the party because, otherwise, they will be all sugared up. But, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s all about, right? Haha

The parades at the parties are definitely worth your time as are the special character meets that you can’t have otherwise.

DA Few More Tips and Tricks

Need a few more good reasons for why you should consider visiting a Disney Park during Halloween?

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The Mouseekers  has some advice on keeping a Disney Halloween at home!

Finally, ever wonder what it’s like to celebrate Halloween on the High seas?

TravelPlusFamily shares a post from her very recent journey out on the sea during this spooktacular season!  

Looking for great costume ideas?  Check out  these DIY Disney Costume ideas from Ottowa Mommy Club.

Still want to know more about MNSSHP, check out this review article at Gofamgo.

Image of Moment Mom at MNSSHP
Moment Mom and Family at MNSSHP 2017

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  1. MNSSHP is on my bucket list. We almost went this year but it worked out better with our schedule to go to Disneyland in August. So we’ll have to wait for another year. #MouseFanMondays

  2. Had an amazing time at MNSSHP this year! Love the Halloween Round-Up you have and the great advice from the #DisFanChat twitter party. Thanks for sharing on #MouseFanMondays

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